Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yeh kids are back at school!!

Well kids went back on Monday, not v happy about it either!

I went back to the gym on Monday and am paying for it now, I ache everywhere.

Kept Gordon off nursery on Tuesday and we went to see my Grampa, or papa Toe as the kids call him (he had to have a toe removed whn Lauren was little so she called him papa No Toe, and it has become papa Toe, lol!)

Today I was busy packing orders and starting to get packed for the crop this weekend, we have Heather teaching a class for us, wait till you see it, v yummy!!!!

OK need to get on now so I leave you with a couple of pics I took of the kids at the park on Sunday.


Pam said...

have a fun day at the crop- great pictures too.

Linda said...

Great pics of the kids - surely you aren't happy they are back at school, lol.

Roz Roz said...

looks like the kids enjoyed the park, see you saturday, can't wait to stroke all the lovely new stash.

Heather said...

Kids pics look fab! Looking forward to tomorrow YEAH!

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