Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Check this out

an amazing new Craft Forum!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stash and more stash

Have been busy loading scrummy stash on to the site - yes we have loads more Hambly in stock and it is flying out the door!!!
This is one of my faves

What else? well we have loads more paint dabbers in stock and a loads of Heidi Swapp goodies, but these may not last long as Lauren spotted them today!
Oh and the Prima Paintables and new AL papers should be here next week.

Right my bed is calling, night!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Being busy

Yip that's been me! what with packing orders, ordering more stash lol, got an email from my favourite company last night saying that their new products were available to order!!! At last, I have been waiting for ages and my stocks are running seriously low, so watch this space for new Hambly!!!!

Sophie is still loving her new food and eating like a wee pig, however we have noticed no change in her, she is still her mad little self. She escaped (again) the other day and walked straight into our neighbours house!!

Camera club is back on again tonight so am going to that.

Must go and feed kiddies

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Sophie

Hamish and I took Sophie to the Glasgow vet school on Monday, and they confirmed that with the results of the blood test, there is something wrong with her liver.
We have a number of options
1. Leave well alone- she is not unwell and the fact that she is now fully grown and has had no problems, is a very good sign. However we won't be able to get her done and if she has problems later on, it may be too late.
2, Get a liver scan, she will need a GA, and because she is so tiny, it may not show anything
3. After the scan get a liver bi-opsy and they will inject die to the blood vessels and watch what happens

It just seems such a lot to put her through, in the meantime she is on a special diet, has anti-biotics and a mild laxative so toxins are not staying in her body too long
The vet thinks she may have a liver shunt and with this diet we should see a difference in 3 weeks. The food is very bland and we may have a problem with her eating it - errrr no she has scoffed it!!

What else have I been doing? Packing orders, looking after the kids, and wooo hoo I have a cleaner starting next week!!!
Have you seen the Rouge De Garance papers we have in stock, very yummy.
We also had a load of Australian mags arrive yesterday, and they are flying out the door already.

Bye for now

Friday, August 24, 2007

Have you seen???

The Crafter's Workshop Templates? OMG they are fab, and are flying out the door!!! Use them with inks, paints, chalks, the list is endless. Get yours here now!!

Have you got a Bind-it-all yet? These are going to be the hottest thing this year and we have them here

And just now I am loading even more stash on the site, am hoping that they will be here early next week, depending of course on customs. Want to see??? Look here

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not good news

Had a call from the vet today with the results of Sophie's second blood test, and her liver function test was 500 times higher than normal.
The vet had been onto the vet school and they wonder if the blood vessels to her liver have not formed properly and that could account for the fact that 1. she is so tiny and 2. that she has always had a dodgy tummy.

The vet has referred us to the Glasgow vet school and we have an appointment on Monday, they will give her a liver scan and we will take it from there.

Please send hugs her way

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poor wee Sophie

Today my little dog went in to be spayed. At the vet I was offered a blood test to make sure everything was OK, sixth sence made me say yes.
I came home and the vet rang to say that there were a couple of abnormalities in her liver function test, they could not continue with the operation and she had to have another blood test.

Now we have to wait 2 days for the results, am hoping it has just been a blip.

Monday, August 20, 2007

OMG they are here

Courier has just been with 5 large boxes, has a quick peek and it is full of Bind-it-alls, o wires and wait for it.............................................................

more BAMPOP!!!!!!

here is a peek at BAMPOP volume 3

Friday, August 17, 2007

Baby starts school

Yesterday my little boy started school and he loves it!!!

Today he came home saying that he likes school and his teacher is great!!

Here is a wee pic of him

Monday, August 13, 2007


What a bad blogger I am !!!!

Well we came back from holiday a week ago and we had a fab time, but the tans are fading fast, since then I have been busy packing orders and ordering even more stash! Our stocks of Basic Grey arrived today and are going fast and we have some scrummy bazzill shades in stock. Hopefully the Bind-it-alls will be here next week along with the new BAMPOP! collections.
This week we have also received the Cherry Artes Poolside papers and some yummy papers from Stemma, both of these are perfect for your holiday pics.
Speaking of holiday pics, I will leave you with a couple

Monday, July 16, 2007

Prima Paintables

OMG how scrummy is this?

Am shopping now, again lol!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OMG check this out


Sneek peeks of BAMPOP's new collection, I am assured there will be stamps and die-cuts to follow.

We will have the new collection for you asap!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New DT member

I have a new DT member, Karen has come to join us and I am looking forward to seeing her fab creations in the gallery. Check out her blog here
There are now loads of special offers on the site, nearly all our patterned papers and loads more goodies are reduced, why not have a peek at them here

And the Craft Robo is now reduced!!!!

Our village had a craft day the other day and I took some of my albums with me and there were a few interested in coming to the next crop in September, think we may need to have a beginners class

Right away to get dinner

Friday, July 06, 2007

3 layouts in a week

Yip that is what I have done, OMG I hear you say!!
Also been busy with orders, and finishing of my ECA for the OU course, just got some written work to do, and that is it
But I have been looking into another course to do and have found 1 which looks good, so think I will sign up for that when the kids go back to school.

My kids have been out playing all day with their wee pals, it rained all nigt so the ground is so muddy and they are filthy, and I mean FILTHY, lol!! DS is in the shower right now, and being a typical male he wil be in there for hours.

Our village has a Craft Fair on tomorrow, so I have a table showing yip scrapping, looking forward to seeing other carfts that others do.

I leave you with a LO I did last night, I have again used the AL sentiment circle stamps, OMG am loving these

bye for now

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blogging again!

Am going to try and keep this up to date.
Did another layout the other night, OMG 2 in 1 week!!!

We are now half way through the first week of the school holidays, the weather has been not too bad, so the kids have been out playing all the time and coming in filthy, the seem to be right little dirt magnets. And their favourite hobby is climbing trees.
Am going to take them to get their school uniforms tomorrow, have got jumpers and polo shirts already, so just need trousers. Shoes can wait till we come back from holiday.

And I have been tagged, thanks Rattytatty

So here goes - 7 things about me

1. I have 2 adorable (if dirty) kids, Lauren is 7 and Gordon is 5. I love them to bits
2. I got engaged after 6 weeks of meeting my DH, we have now been married nearly 17 years
3. My car is manky inside (time for a clear out me thinks)
4. I have 2 little papillons, Emma is 2, Sophie is 18 months
5. Both dogs sleep in bed with us
6. In a fortnight, we are flying off on holiday for 2 weeks
7. I would love to have more hours in my day

OK I am away to tag


Bye for now

Monday, July 02, 2007

The end of an era

well my baby has finished nursery and in August he will start school, and he is sooooo excited!!
Am I? well I thought I was, but the more I think about it, er no! For the last 7 years I have had 1 child or other in the house during the day, so think it will be a bigger shock for me than for him.

And last night i scrapped and finished a layout

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Here is a pic of the Heidi Grace Cute cake kit on the site just now, very yummy!!

Been really busy this week with packing orders, looking after the kids and making teachers presents, yip kids finish up on Friday.
Gordon starts school in August, and not sure how I am feeling about that, I have been at home with either of them for the last 7 years, so think it will be a big shock to me. On the plus side it means that I will be able to work on the business a wee bit more and not be still working at midnight. I also plan to get back to the gym and get more scrapping done myself. mmmmmm will I achieve any of this do you think? update in September!!!!

And the good news - I was published in Scrapbook Magazine this week, in the readers album page. 4 of my projects were featured and I am over the moon!!!

The lovely Kirsty is up in Scotland this week so am looking forward to catching up with her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's try again

OK here goes

I promise from now on I will update my blog at least twice a week (honest!!!!)

Have been very busy recently, am in the middle of the OU photo course and wow have I learned a lot! From aperature, Depth of Field, ISO you name it!
I even bought myslef a new camera, a shiney Canon Eos 400D, I just got the basic lens but I used to have an old film canon and now I have 3 lenses as the old ones worked. Now have my heart set on a macro lens, wonder what my chance are???

And the bestest news ever............. Lauren passed her level A language at school, she has been struggling a wee bit, so I am chuffed to bits with her!

Am leaving you with some pics that I have been taking

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What can I say?

but have been sooooooo busy!!!!!!!!!!

Have you seen the new Hambly? here is a peek, check out my site www.angelcrafts.biz to see more

Have also been busy ordering more stash, would you like to see what??? Oh OK then

Am in the middle of the OU photo course, so here are a few pics I have been taking


Here is my wee princess Lauren

Here is my blue eyed boy Gordon

Right away to parent's night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yeh kids are back at school!!

Well kids went back on Monday, not v happy about it either!

I went back to the gym on Monday and am paying for it now, I ache everywhere.

Kept Gordon off nursery on Tuesday and we went to see my Grampa, or papa Toe as the kids call him (he had to have a toe removed whn Lauren was little so she called him papa No Toe, and it has become papa Toe, lol!)

Today I was busy packing orders and starting to get packed for the crop this weekend, we have Heather teaching a class for us, wait till you see it, v yummy!!!!

OK need to get on now so I leave you with a couple of pics I took of the kids at the park on Sunday.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bad Blogger alert!!!


Well the kids are now on holiday, weather has not been too bad so they have been out playing. The easter bunny came and they both got a couple of choc eggs and a Pony fun day.

We rolled our eggs at the park where the dog tried to eat them!! (the eggs not the kids)

Have attached a piccy of the kids at the park

Apart from that I have been busy processing orders, and ordering new stock (keep checking the site, they are lush!!)

And I have been scrapping, here is one of my very clean boy

I promise I will blog more!

Friday, March 23, 2007

What's your favourite????

New stamps in today, 12 different types from Autumn leaves.

I like them all!!! You can see them at www.angelcrafts.biz

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

21 today!!!!

My birthday today, and I am 21!!! ok maybe a wee bit older than that, hee hee

And if you order from Angel Crafts today, I am going to give you a gift, hurry today only!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another LO

Here is another LO I did at the retreat, I saw this top and thought that it would look great on a LO, so then had to get Lauren to wear it, take a piccy and scrap it.

The top was £3 in the sale, the LO cost me more!!!

Have you ever done anything like this, or am I really sad???

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who likes Cyber Crops???

Do you?
Want to know where one is????
Want to buy a kit for a class?

Then forum is here http://scrapstars.com/ come and say hi
and class kits are on my site here

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad Blogger am I

Ooops, keep forgetting to do this, but have just been soooo busy!

Site up and running and working well, need to now get the gallery sorted and have even managed to link the DT's blogs on here, major achievement for me!!!

Spent a fortune on new stash last night from the States, no not telling what they are, lol!!!

Finally got round to taking pics of the LO's I did at the retreat, this is one of my 2 kids

Friday, March 09, 2007

Site live

After loads of work, the new site is now live!!!!

Please visit and tell me what you think


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

5 years ago I went into hospital and an hour later had a baby boy in my arms, where does the time go? Cannot believe my wee boy is 5 already.

He watched the film Gremlins and had his heart set on his own wee Gizmo (thank you Amazon, lol), have attached a piccy of them cuddling.

On Saturday we are having a party for him and 40 kids are coming along, that will be fun, so if anyone wants to come and help, please do.......................................

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sleepy Angel

Yup that is me after our fabulous Luxurious Angels retreat, it was soooooooo good! The hotel was fab, lovely food, great company, wonderful classes, what more could you want??

I shared a room with Heather and she kept me up half the night talking, hee hee.

I need to say thanks to Roz, for being a great business partner, and yes we ARE having another retreat, watch this space.......
Thanks to Heather for teaching some fab classes and for being such a good if chatty room mate, thanks to Kirsty for coming all that way to teach and for the excellent camera class, loved it!!
Thanks to all the girls for coming along, especially Rod!! And to Clair for supplying some great tunes, we are going to miss you. Thanks to the rest of the girls for making our weekend so wonderful, and here's to the next one!!

And if you were running a book, I managed to do 4 LO's, I will upload them soon, just to prove it, OK away back to stock-taking

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stash, stash and more stash

Am sitting surrounded in stash, yummy!!!!
Need to get it all priced and then later today I will get another kit built for the retreat, as time is marching on.
Web site still not live, I will get there one day honest!!

Kits being sent to the DT next week, hope they like them!!!!!!!

Away to stitches on Monday morning, 2 days with no kids.............bliss!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The design Team

Design team chosen

They are Fruitysuet, RozRoz, Maggiemae, Cutnpaste, Gertie and hysteri-CAL
very hard to chhose as all the entries received were so fabulous!!!

Thanks girls and welcome to the team!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flying out the door

The Hambly rub-ons and Overlays that I ordered are flying out the door, seriously if you want some of these, order now!!!!

My hire car was delivered this morning, and the garage called to say there was a lot more damage to my car than they first thought, and it will be in for at least 2 weeks. They will also valet it and clean it for me too! I must remember that the hire car takes Diesel!

Gordon still has a bit of a sore neck, and Lauren is still very white looking, tired and weepy. At least they are off for a few days next week so can rest a bit.

I leave you with another piccy of a Hambly overlay.......... Lush or what????

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

look what I have got

Will be on the site later

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


That is how I am feeling today, my shoulder and down my arm is so sore, and I have a splitting headache.
Kids were off today, but because they were in bed so late last night, they were really tired today, they did not actually get round to getting dressed at all.
Tried to help Lauren with some homework but she was just so tired, so gave up.

My head feels full of mince and so have not actually achieved anything today, have a box of stash arrive from the states today and have to admit to not actually opening it yet! So you will have to wait a bit longer to purchase, lol!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bad Car Day

Today my hubby was stranded in the house as he could not get the handbrake released from his Land Rover, someone came out to look at it, could not sort it either, so took it off manually and hubby then had to drive it to the garage and get a curtesy car.

So far so good.......................

Then coming back from swimming, we were sat stationary and Whack, someone thumped into the back of us. Took me a second to think, oh we have been hit.
Then the kids got hysterical and have to say so did I.

My car does not look too bad, think the bumper took most of the impact, but am sure it will be a lot worse.
We were all really sore, so took a trip to A&E to be on the safe side. And yes we were there for hours.

Will need to keep the kids off tomorrow as they have missed about 3 hours sleep.

Doctor says I have to expect to be pretty sore tomorrow and for the next few days, can feel my back getting bad already.

Away fro hot bath, some paracetemol and bed


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Wow you lot can't half scrap!!!!

I have received loads of entries for the Design team, and think it is going to be really hard to pick!
The new web site is coming along nicely, and with it we will have a lovely shiney new gallery to display all the Design Team Layouts.

OK away to upload more products
Bye for now

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Winging their way

I have 2 fabulous loads of stash on the way from the states as we speak, very yummy!!!!!

So have you entered the design team competition? Remember I need 2 entries emailed to me at ange1cra@angelcrafts.biz by 4th Feb, please include your UKS name and tell me about yourself.

Have been busy this weekend loading stash onto the new site, it is getting there!!!

And today my wee boy started Pony Club, he was there all day. He loved it!!!! Came home very dirty and soooooo tired, I may keep him off nursery tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will uploads pics of the kids layouts, so cute

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Today my little girl is 7, where has the time gone?

She got lots of lovely presents and cards, and especially liked the card her little brother made her. He made it all by himself, OK he did use peel off stickers, LOL!

Last week-end it was her friends birthday as well, so we took them all to Pizza Hut and the pictures. Today she had a friend over after school and her gran, grampa and great-grandad came over.

Much fun and chocolate cake was had by all!!!

I leave you with a piccy of Lauren and her friend Amber blowing out their candles

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Design Team Call

Yes we are looking for a Design team!!!!!!!!!!

As some of you may already know, we have a new web site under construction, and what better way to celebrate this!

So I ask that if you would like to be considered for our team that you email 2 projects to me at ange1cra@angelcrafts.biz This can range from a Layout, card, altered project, mini book, whatever
Please mark "Design Team" in the subject line and include a wee bit about yourself, how long you have been scrapping for, why you scrap etc

Please submit your entries by 4th feb, and we will announce the winners by the 14th of Feb

Happy scrapping!!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Look what I did!!!!

My first Digi LO!!!!!!!

OMG no mess to tidy up, mmmm could get to like this, but think I need more practise, LOL!

Friday, January 12, 2007


How bad am I, just realised I have not updated my blog all week!!!

Busy week have been at the gym a few times, packed loads of orders, the sale stock is going really fast on the site. Been over at Roz's sending emails out for Luxurious Angels , have a peek at what we have arranged for classes.

Kids are back at school this week, Lauren is 7 week after next so I have been busy buying pressies for her. She is not getting much as already got pony club membership, but we got her an i-pup (thanks Maggie) and a guitar.

Tomorrow I have Linda, Jenni and Elin coming over for a Craft Robo day. Wonder if we will actually learn anything or be too busy talking, hee hee.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A quiet day

This morning Lauren was up bright and early and starving! So her breakfast made dogs out and then Gordon got up and wanted to come into bed for a cuddle. He is still at the really cuddly stage and smells lovely when he just wakes! Emma of course would snuggle in bed all day if I was there so she came in for a cuddle too, and ended up snuggling in between me and Gordon, we were like that for ages, that dog is such a wee sap!!!

Then I got some orders packed, did the ironing (bad word), and then we played with the Hama beads, my brother bought these for Lauren and hey they are really good. I helped Gordon make a duck and Lauren made an L, no doubt we shall make some to incorporate into our scrapping, wonder if they are Acid free? Answers on a postcard please, hee hee

Apart from that have had a quiet day, kids in bed early as back at school tomorrow, and I will be back at the gym to shed some of the pounds the mince pies have piled on!!

Also watched Desperate Housewifes, OMG how good is that??

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wishes and Dreams for 2007

Last year was great, busy yes, but great.
Angel Crafts has grown considerably, I started the business in Oct 2005, with a tiny amount of stock, now there is well, quite a lot!!! Don't forget to check out our HUGE sale!!!!
The crops are also going well and are good fun.
Last year, Roz and I also opened a joint business in the name of Luxurious Angels, we had our first retreat last October and it was fab. We hope that loads of you will join us in March

My little boy also started nursery last year and loves it, cannot believe he will start school in August and Lauren will go into Primary 4

I made loads of new friends last year including all the girls at the crop and the retreat and of course best of all – Roz.
I also got to meet the amazing Kirsty and Anna.
Sadly one friendship did not survive.

We had some sadness at the beginning of last year when Amy our little papillon who had been with us for 15 years had to be put to sleep. Hamish had bought her for my 21st, and she was our baby. Shortly before we had got a new puppy Emma, and after we got another Sophie, again they are both papillons, and we love them loads.

My wishes and dreams for this year, well for Angel Crafts to continue to grow. There is a new site being built just now, which will have a lot more features. Then I shall be looking for a Design team.
Luxurious Angels next retreat is in March, and if it half as good as the last, I will be happy.

Personally I need to lose some weight, xmas has not helped, hee hee!! About a stone and I will be happy, so Monday will see me at the gym………….
I would also like to do more scrapping for me, ie of the kids, etc. Both my kids are into scrapping now, so no doubt we shall be scrapping together.

Most importantly I wish my children and husband much love and happiness. Hamish and I will have been married for 17 years come this August, we were both very young when we got married, I was only 20, he was 21.

I will leave you with a LO I finished today, I have framed it to go in my DD’s room, tomorrow I will do one for Gordon.
It shows all our little papillons together.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

To all my friends, family and Customers: a happy new year to you all!!!

Started a LO yesterday, it is a piccy my dad took of Gordon, but Gordon keeps saying that it is not him as he does not have shoes like that ( he used to !!!) and so it must be his little cousin. Kids are sooooo funny.

Here it is....

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