Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Sophie

Hamish and I took Sophie to the Glasgow vet school on Monday, and they confirmed that with the results of the blood test, there is something wrong with her liver.
We have a number of options
1. Leave well alone- she is not unwell and the fact that she is now fully grown and has had no problems, is a very good sign. However we won't be able to get her done and if she has problems later on, it may be too late.
2, Get a liver scan, she will need a GA, and because she is so tiny, it may not show anything
3. After the scan get a liver bi-opsy and they will inject die to the blood vessels and watch what happens

It just seems such a lot to put her through, in the meantime she is on a special diet, has anti-biotics and a mild laxative so toxins are not staying in her body too long
The vet thinks she may have a liver shunt and with this diet we should see a difference in 3 weeks. The food is very bland and we may have a problem with her eating it - errrr no she has scoffed it!!

What else have I been doing? Packing orders, looking after the kids, and wooo hoo I have a cleaner starting next week!!!
Have you seen the Rouge De Garance papers we have in stock, very yummy.
We also had a load of Australian mags arrive yesterday, and they are flying out the door already.

Bye for now

Friday, August 24, 2007

Have you seen???

The Crafter's Workshop Templates? OMG they are fab, and are flying out the door!!! Use them with inks, paints, chalks, the list is endless. Get yours here now!!

Have you got a Bind-it-all yet? These are going to be the hottest thing this year and we have them here

And just now I am loading even more stash on the site, am hoping that they will be here early next week, depending of course on customs. Want to see??? Look here

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not good news

Had a call from the vet today with the results of Sophie's second blood test, and her liver function test was 500 times higher than normal.
The vet had been onto the vet school and they wonder if the blood vessels to her liver have not formed properly and that could account for the fact that 1. she is so tiny and 2. that she has always had a dodgy tummy.

The vet has referred us to the Glasgow vet school and we have an appointment on Monday, they will give her a liver scan and we will take it from there.

Please send hugs her way

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poor wee Sophie

Today my little dog went in to be spayed. At the vet I was offered a blood test to make sure everything was OK, sixth sence made me say yes.
I came home and the vet rang to say that there were a couple of abnormalities in her liver function test, they could not continue with the operation and she had to have another blood test.

Now we have to wait 2 days for the results, am hoping it has just been a blip.

Monday, August 20, 2007

OMG they are here

Courier has just been with 5 large boxes, has a quick peek and it is full of Bind-it-alls, o wires and wait for it.............................................................

more BAMPOP!!!!!!

here is a peek at BAMPOP volume 3

Friday, August 17, 2007

Baby starts school

Yesterday my little boy started school and he loves it!!!

Today he came home saying that he likes school and his teacher is great!!

Here is a wee pic of him

Monday, August 13, 2007


What a bad blogger I am !!!!

Well we came back from holiday a week ago and we had a fab time, but the tans are fading fast, since then I have been busy packing orders and ordering even more stash! Our stocks of Basic Grey arrived today and are going fast and we have some scrummy bazzill shades in stock. Hopefully the Bind-it-alls will be here next week along with the new BAMPOP! collections.
This week we have also received the Cherry Artes Poolside papers and some yummy papers from Stemma, both of these are perfect for your holiday pics.
Speaking of holiday pics, I will leave you with a couple

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