Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sale Time!!!!

We are having a massive sale at Angel crafts, and we have some papers down to 35p a sheet!!! Included in the sale are such goodies as Rob and Bob, Paperloft, Making Memories eyelets, Chipboard and loads more.
Check it out at

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Quiet time

Have been having a lazy few days, we had my parents and grampa over at xmas (he is 92!!), they are away home now, probably for a rest from the kids, hee hee.

Kids had a fab xmas, and we had to wake them at 8.30 on xmas morning to tell them santa had been. They got loads of pressies including these bikes. Gordon also got what he asked for namely a Power Ranger and a Scrapbook, so the 3 of us can scrap together.

Today we went to East Kilbride as the kids wanted to spend the money their other gran gave them and Lauren came home with yet another Bratz doll!!!

I will leave you with a piccy of Lauren on her new bike

Friday, December 22, 2006


Been busy this week, firstly I finished a LO that I started a couple of months ago!!! Just been busy with the retreat, making album for MIL, so am glad it is finished and am pleased with it.

Next my wee boy has been asking for a scrapbook for ages, he is 4, so I decided to cover a wee album for him and we can do some scrapping together.

Used the SEI doodley Doo Boy papers here

Next I decided to cover a wee notebook for Lauren, she loves writing in little books.

Have used Colour My World's Cupcake papers here, they are so yummy

Then I decided that I would do one for my SIL

Used 7 Gypsies here
Then today Lauren came home with xmas pressies from 2 school friends, so I covered a wee note book for them too, phew!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Getting there! I think, the tree is up, pressies wrapped, shopping list written, bet there is something I have forgotten.
Last week was so busy we had nativity plays for Lauren and Gordon and pony jumps, so by Friday my kids were exhausted, Gordon slept until after 10 on Saturday morning.
On Friday I went to Roz's for a bit of scrapping and then Roz, Heather, Anne and myself went out for lunch, cannot believe I ate sooooo much!! It was a great day, and thank you for my pressie Heather, love it xxx
Roz and I exchanged gifts and one of mine was a Clippy Kit bag, which Roz has challenged me to have finished by the next crop, I think not!!!!!
OK time to go Gordon is hungry!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy busy

Another busy weekend, had 4 dogs and 3 kids. My parents are away for the weekend so had their dog and Roz was away with Gerry so had Ben and their dog. They were all very good and Gordon loved having Ben to play with.
Yesterday Lauren announced that she needed white tights to wear to her nativity tomorrow!!! So I had to go into Hamilton this morning to get some, luckily Next had them.
I have nearly finished the album for my MIL xmas, want to take a piccy of the kids in front of the tree and that will be it done. Then I will get some pics of the kids scrapped.

Right away to pack the loads of orders in this weekend and do more stash shopping, oops did I say that??? hee hee

Friday, December 08, 2006

They're here!!!

At last the gorgeous papers from Colour My World are here and they are simply stunning!!

IRL they are very shimmery, just gorgeous, think maybe I will just keep them all!! hee hee

Also got some Crop-A-Diles in stock yesterday, and they are all nearly gone already!!!

We have a busy week ahead tomorrow the kids are going riding, and tomorrow night we have Pony Club presentation to go to. On Monday night Roz is coming over to scrap, Tuesday and Wed we have Lauren's nativity, Thurs afternoon, is Gordon's and Thursday night is pony jumping and Fri night we will go and see santa.

There is a house in Coalburn where the owner decorates all his garden and there is even a santa handing out pressies to the kids, it is just fab and sooooo busy. They ask for a donation and the funds go to Sick Kids, if you are nearby go along, you will love it!!!

OK away to sort out 4 kids that are in the house just now



Friday, December 01, 2006

More new stock

They are here................................ the brand new Flop book from Lippy Chick
They are stunning and available to buy now!!!!!!
If you want to see some completed go to the Lippy Chick site
Also keep watching my site, as have even more fab stash arriving soon ......................................

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Spend Spend Spend

That is what I have been doing today!!!
First I bought myself a printer, just now the printer is hooked up to my hubby's PC and is one which has 5 differnet ink cartridges, which are chipped, and costs a fortune for ink. Also if I needed anything printed from my laptop, it was a pain!! So that is number 1

Secondly I ordered lots of 3 Bugs goodies from the states, so they will be here probably next week, yummy, I will want to keep them all

Thirdly more Lippy Chick Books, I seem to go through them like anything, and if you buy one on its own or in a kit before 10th Dec, you have a chance of winning something.

Fourthly is a suprise.................................................................... watch the site!!!!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So Cute

Was looking through some photos tonight and came accross this one thet my dad had taken of our dog Emma. She was just weeks old then and now she is 16 months.
Anyway that is all from me, I need my bed!
Night xxx

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Lauren has been at my mum's some of the weekend, as they took her to the ballet to see Sleeping Beauty, so Gordon has been playing a lot with the dogs, and as you can see, has been getting lots of kisses xxx
He was also dressed up as Scooby Doo, as I want to make a LO of him as I have some fab Scooby Doo stickers to use.
Not done much this weekend, did some more pages from the album I am making my MIL for xmas, only 10 more LO's to do!! Better get my skates on! Am also making my mum a Lippy Chick book so managed to get a bit more of that done.
Right away to get on, my delivery from the states should be here on Tuesday, so watch the site!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Website Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been busy this week ordering stash for Angel Crafts, some fab stash from the states, which is winging its way to me as we speak, yummy!!!!!

Also have you seen the Luxurious Angels website???
It is now live and looking fab, what do you think?
We are now taking bookings so go and dig out your wings and tiara, and download the booking form form the site.

Ok need to get kids to bed

Thursday, November 16, 2006

6 weeks to go

So my wee boy aged 4 keeps telling me! He is getting soooooo excited about Santa coming, and last night we sat and emailed letters to Santa, and it came back with an instant reply, amazing!!! Apart from his bike he also wants some more Power Ranger toys and some animals, what kind I really do not know.
The wee soul came into our room at 3 this morning to tell us his nose was bleeding, and so it was everywhere, prehaps it was due to the fact that the other night he called me form his bed to say he had a bead stuck up his nose, I could feel yet another hospital visit coming on, but we managed to get him to blow it out.
I actually have been at the gym twice this week, and was feeling a bit sore the other day with all the press-ups I did, my hubby was maoning about the cost of my membership and the fact that I had not been in a while, have just been too busy.
The kids also started back at their wsimming lessons today and did so well, and afterward I took them for a Mcdonalds, have to say they are more interested in the toys!!!
OK am heading off for an early night

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Horse riding again at the weekend, this time Lauren went round on her own without being led. And she did so well, we are so proud of her.

On the walk back to the car, Gordon was in every puddle, and some were very deep, so I had to tip the water out of his wellies...BOYS!!!!!!!

At the weekend we also went to Halfords so we could let "Santa" know what bikes they wanted for xmas, Gordon chose a blue one, Lauren went for a purple one covered in pink hearts!!!

Apart from that I have been busy with orders, my cleaner starts today, yahoo!!!!!

I will leave you with a look of what I loaded to the site last night, aren't they yummy???

Friday, November 10, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Have been inundated with orders over the last couple of days, there is another Cybercrop coming up on UKS and one of the classes features a Lippy Chick Book so lots of you lovely girls have been buying them and other goodies from me. Hope you all love your little free gift too!!

It is pouring here, typical Scottish weather-Yuck!!! My kids have their riding lessons tomorrow, so am hoping it stops soon!
Am also hoping I will get some time to scrap this weekend as I have decided to make an album for my MIL for xmas, so better get cracking!!!
I leave you with a piccy of Batman

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Great Weekend

Had quite a lazy weekend, compared to last!!!!
On Saturday I did not even leave the house, but spent the day tidying the house and putting away all the stock form last weekend.
I also opened a couple of new account with new suppliers, so watch this space!
My kids had various friends in playing all day and played outside for a bit, so they were more than happy.
On Sunday Roz and I were travelling through to Paisley to Carol's crop in Craft Heaven, and we "just had" to stop in at my parent's for breakfast before.
The crop was great, and it was good to catch up with Heather (Cut 'n' Paste), and also to meet Janet and also Morag who is in my team on UKS.
I am making an album for my MIL's xmas, and even managed to do 3 LO's, Heather was so impressed with me, Linda if you are reading this, think you will be too, hee hee.
Carol had some gorgeous Scooby Doo embellishments and some Disney princess papers which "kind of" fell into my hands!!!!
A great crop Carol, and thanks for making us feel so welcome.
Last night, Roz asked me to go over and do some paperwork for the next Luxurious Angels retreat (email for more info, so after being bribed with some chocolate, I went.
So another late night as was 1 this morning before I went to bed, and I said to Roz, that tonight I was staying off UKS and going to bed early, and she made me write it out and sign it, so if you see me on tonight, shout at me.

Anyway must go, stash to drool over and I leave you with a piccy of the paperloft Well Worn range, this one is called Crazy for Flowers, yummy eh???

Friday, November 03, 2006


I am so tired, in the last few months I have not seen my bed before midnight, we have been so busy working on the retreat, and this week I have been laoding all the new stock on the site and stocktaking, the joys!!!
Today we also started the paperwork for the March retreat, so if anyone would like some info sent to them, email me at this will be sent to you as soon as it is finished.

Tomorrow I need to tidy the stock and the house and want to take the kids and the dogs out for a walk. I hope it does not rain!!!

I leave you with a piccy of my own little angel.

New Stock

I have spent the last few days uploading stock onto the site, with loads more still to do. It seems to take forever, maybe I should stay off UKS and try to get more done.
One of my faves is the SEI Doodley Doo Holiday range, here is a sneek peek


Thursday, November 02, 2006

My children

Thought I would dedicate this blog to 2 little people who are the most important things in my life!
Lauren is 6 and is in primary 3, Gordon is 4 and will start school next year.
They get on so well with each other and play together all the time, and very rarely fight!!!!!.
I took them round some houses at Halloween and they had a ball, 3 of their friends came along too. I have attached a piccy of them

On Sunday I am having a well earned rest and going to a crop, that I have not organised. It is in Craft Heaven in paisley and for those of you who don't know, Paisley is my home town and where my parents still live. My parents are still on holiday in China, but will be back soon, my mum is such a good friend and I have lots to tell her on her return.

Must go neighbours is on

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Look What I got

Look what was in my order from Kars, certainly did not order this, and he is dressed as Scooby Doo!!!!

Hee Hee, don't kids love to play in boxes

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Have spent the past few days in Skye visiting my in laws, the night before Roz and I were finalising everything for the retreat at Lockerbie, ouch my Credit Card is sore! and we got home really late. Then my DH reminded me it was his dad's 80th the next day so could I make a card in the morning, yeh no plroblem!!!!
Anyway we set off and my 2 dogs were sick, sick and more sick, at one time they were sick at the same time.
We eventually arrived about dinner time on the Thursday, fed the kids and they went to bed.
Friday was a lovely day and Lauren and I went for a 2 hour treck, Lauren is 6 and goes to riding lessons but has not been out without being lead. She was on a lovely little horse called Megan, I was in a big brute called Fergus (aka Piggy)
We set out with Lauren being lead, but my horse piggy kept stopping to eat every 2 seconds and was so strong I was struggling to control him, so I ended up being lead and Lauren was on her own!
I am so so proud of her, she handled her horse like a little star and trotted on her own. She was so pleased!!
After we had lunch together and then DH came and picked us up.
Now I am still sooooooo sore!!!!!!!!!!
When we travelled home yesterday only one of my dogs were sick, so that was good.

Anyway am going now, few orders to process and stuff to sort for the retreat


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Not long to go until the retreat, and we are getting there!!
Tomorrow I need to call my suppliers with a couple of last minute orders and then price them, have a few on the way so hope DH is not around when the couriers arrive! hee hee
I actually bought something for myself today, a shiney new Artbin Tote, I normally carry my cropping goodies in a plastic box, well no more.

We tried tonight to get Gordon to go to sleep without a dummy, he will be 5 in March so it is about time he was giving it up, but come 10.30 he was still awake and crying and DH gave in, so he is now sound asleep with a dummy in his mouth (Gordon that is, not DH)

As my parents are away on holiday just now, I have their dog, so now have 3 papillons in the house, and last night we kept my friend's dog a King Charle's Spaniel, normally my dog Sophie barks constantly at him, but after 5 mins she stopped, thank goodness!!!!! So I had a house full of dogs LOL

Anyway am away to sort out some more paperwork and get to bed


Sunday, October 15, 2006


OK firstly sorry for not updating for soooooo long, how bad am I????

DH and I came back from holiday recently, we went to Lanzarote without our kids for a week, and my parents stayed here to watch them, so we came back to the grass nicely cut and a v clean house. I should go away more often LOL !!!!

We have also been busy organinsing the retreat for the Luxurious Angels, am panicking now that they will enjoy it and realise how much hard work it has actually been
Roz and I have spent many a late night packing class kits and building the LA web site, watch this space!!!!!
The retreat is drawing nearer and I am looking forward to meeting all the Angels and of course the other 2 fabby teachers: Kirsty and Anna
We are also working on the retreat for March and have a few things lined up already!!!

My kids are now on holiday for a week, so we are making a flying visit to Skye for a couple of days, where my in laws stay. When we are there Lauren and I are going horse riding for a 2 hour treck, am so looking forward to it!

OK enough chat from me, I am away to price more goodies and kiss my wee boy


Saturday, September 23, 2006

March Luxurious Angels

OMG we are having ANOTHER retreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again it will be in the Lockerbie Manor Hotel, on 2nd - 4th March 2007.
Again we will have fantastic teachers, classes and a great time!
If you want some info sent to you, email me at

We hope to see you there!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Search for the Lippy Chicks

Today I uploaded a brand new product to the marketplace onto my site, it is a fab Flip book from Lippy Chick. It is approx 5" x 5" inches and contains 10 pages for scrappers to decorate to their hearts content!
And they are flying out the door.
The creator has also opened a challenge for scrappers to submit their finished Flip book and her faves will be included in marketing material, how fab is that? Full details can be seen here
Please submit your entries to

OK must go now, but will be back later as I have been tagged again.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Robbie, Ribs and Barbies!!!

What a weekend I have had!

On Friday, Roz, Heather and I went to see the fantastic Robbie, OMG it was fab!!!! The stage was fantastic and he sure can entertain!
Trying to get out of the stadium was a nightmare, so it was another v late night.
On Saturday I had my crop in our local church and lots of the girls from UKS were there. Thank you guys for making me laugh so much, I totally forgot how tired I was!
Heather came out with a saying I had never heard " Ribs: Run up them" and Linda came out with a saying that Heather (cut'n'paste) used, her blog is here, so you can have a wee look
Today I have spent the day gurring my DD's room, she is 6 going on 16, so the barbies do not get played with any more, and she had about 30. So they are in a box to be sold on Ebay and any money she gets she can buy a Bratz doll.

Also yesterday my order of Angel Kisses arrived so I will need to get them loaded on the site so you can all drool over them
Will leave you with a piccy of them, yummy!!!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

OK I need more hours in the day!!!!!!

I seem to have less and less time available for scrapping.
My kids were at my parents this weekend so DH and I spent time re-doing my site, have a look and tell me what you think.
We also went out for a meal to Nams in East Kilbride, very yummy!
On Sunday morning I went to see Roz and sort out some paperwork for Luxurious Angels, guys you should see what we have for you!!!
One of my spare rooms looks like a stash shop, as it is covered in prizes and goody bags, I swear they are breeding! And there is more to come!!!!!!!!!

If you want to be a Luxurious Angel, it is not too late, visit my site at for more info.
Right better get going and get these kids to school and nursery, catch up later

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've been tagged, thank you Roz!!!

here goes

Four jobs I have had in my life.

1. Waitress
2. Bank Officer
3. Mortgage Advicer
4. On-line Stash shop owner

Four Movies I would watch over and over:
1. Ghost
2. Bridget Jones
3. The Lost Boys
4. Greace

Four Places I have lived:
1. Paisley
2. Edinburgh
3. Ralston
4. Stonehouse

Four TV shows I love to wach:
1. Neighbours
2. Eastenders
3. Lost
4. Scooby-Doo

Four places I've been on vacation:
1. Barbados
2. Kenya
3. Lanzarote
4. Crieff

Web sites I visit regularly:
1. UKS
2. Angel Crafts
3. Scrapgenie
4. Blogs

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Pizza
2. Shellfish
3. Steak
4. My DH's Cooking

Four Places I'd rather be right now:
1. On Holiday
2. Sleeping
3. Surrounded by stash
4. On a Beach

Four things that make me smile:
1. Lauren and Gordon
2. My puppies chasing each other
3. My kids sleeping
4. MSN

Thanks for that Roz, now who can I tag????

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where does the Time go???

Cannot believe the kids go back to school in just over a week!!!!

And my baby will start nursery (OK he is 4!)

So busy today packing goodies for the crop, packing orders and sorting out the class kit. Girls you are just going to love it!
My printer decided to run out of ink today, and yes i have no more! So annoying!

My parents flew to Barcelona today, they will have been married 45 years on saturday and my dad took mum away as a suprise, she did not know until yestaerdat that they were going away! We have their dog to look after, so now I have 3 papillons in the house!

The Luxurious Angels Retreat is filling up, cannot wait, it is going to be so good!!! The teachers we have lined up are so inspirational, seriously you will be mad to miss it. If you need more info, visit me at or email
OK away to bed now, will leave you with the Luxurious Angels Lo created by Roz.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ordering more goodies!!!

Have been busy the last few days ordering new stock including Suet Pudding and Spring Fling from Blonde Moments, yummy!!!!

here is my favourite!

Also have ordered the new Basic Grey collection packs, yummy!
Will let you have a wee look tomorrow!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mad Cows!

We are just back from holiday.
We spent a week in a log cabin in Loch Monzevaird in Creiff, we have been there before and just love it. The weather was lovely, the dogs were off the leads and the kids had a ball!
On the Wednesday my parents and grampa came to spend the day with us and after lunch we decided to leave grampa with the dogs and the rest of us would walk round the loch.
It is about 1 1/2 miles right round and we were abour 100 yards from the cabin when we came accross a large group of menacing looking cows and a bull.
We debated walking through the field, but the cows did not look happy and my hubby was wearing a red top!
So back we walked.....................................
And came accross ANOTHER LOAD OF COWS!
At this point my daughter was hyterical, so we decided to walk up through the field to the main road and get back to the cabin that way.
It was also roasting hot, but eventually we reached the main road, and.................................
NO verges to walk on, and a very fast road!
So mum, myslef and the 2 kids sat and waited while my hubby and dad went back to get the Land rover so we could all pile in that.
So after saying to my grampa that we would only be an hour, we were away for about 3!!

So that night my parents stayed for dinner and they went out and bought us all..........................

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Girly night in

Blogger is letting me upload my pictures, so here are a couple of my kids, taken the other day

Last night I had 2 of my good friends Heather and Roz over, my lovely Dh made us dinner and heather brought enough treats to feed an army!
My kids were packed off to bed and we sat and watched Bridget Jone's Diary, have watched this loads, but it is still a favourite! We also sat and blethered and ate lots of chocolate!
A late night, but at least with the schools being off, i did not have to get up early.
It is raining here today, which I think is not a bad thing, but my kids are still out playing!
Right must go as have hundreds to do.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another hot day!

Roasting hot here today!

My kids spent the day eating ice lollies and playing in water, they have got fab wee tans already.
I spent the day doing admin for the Luxurious Angels retreat, details of which can be found at and packing orders, so not much sun for me!
We go away for a week on Saturday and am hoping it won't be too hot, we are also taking our 2 little dogs with us, one of whom does not travel well.
Am away now, but will leave you with a couple of pics I took of my kids out playing........ OK it is not playing will try again tomorrow

Monday, July 17, 2006

More Angels

Another fab LO to share with you, this time from Roz, just gorgeous!

We are so lucky to have so many talented teachers: Kirsty, Anna, Roz and Maggie coming to teach at the Luxurious Angels retreat!
Email me at if you would like some more information.

Right bed is calling, night all

Cute or Cuter??

In case you have been asleep all day today, you will have noticed that we posted on UKS today about the Luxurious Angels Retreat! Don't worry there are still some places, so contact me for a booking form.
A pre- retreat challenge that I have given to our talented teachers is to "scrap the Angel", and here is the first one from Maggie

It is very clever and lifts to reveal the "real" Angel!

So cute or Cuter, which one do you prefer?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Ikea trip

Last week, when I dropped the kids at my mum's I paid a little visit to Ikea. I needed pin boards and storgae boxes for my new craft room! Anyway i saw this cookie jar and thought it would be great for all the blossoms I have (which are far too nice to use!)
What do you think?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just updating quickly before I tackle some housework!!!!!

You may be aware that we have managed to get another teacher for our fabulous weekend, and I can reveal who it is ..............................................................................................................................
On Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha
So you will just have to tune in to UKS to find out
Seriously though it is going to be such a fab weekend and you will be mad to miss it!!!!

Talk later

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Am so tired!!!!

I need an early night! Well tonight is the night I am going to do this and go to bed.
My darling kiddies come home tomorrow (they have been at their gran's), so I must clean the house, it has been really neglected as i have been too busy sorting out the Luxurious Angels retreat!
Am really looking forward to the weekend and getting to meet lots of the girls from UKS.
We will let the girls from the crop see the information on Saturday and then put a thread on UKS next week.
My PC has been playing up again, so annoying! And I just can't live without me daily fix of UKS, sad that I am!
Right am needing my bed, speak tomorrow!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Am so tired!!!!!!
Last night i was up to the wee small hours chatting to 2 friends on MSN, first time I have used it, and quite liked it, my DH says I am a sad muppet!!!
Anyway got to bed around 2 and was woken at 4 as my DD had a sore tummy, she came into bed with me, but wriggled so much she was sent back to her own bed, at 5.30 was woken by DS crying as he had wet the bed, so bed changed and he wnet back to sleep, so far so good! Back to bed and woken at 7.00 by DD with sore tummy again, so just got up!!!!
Tonight I am going to bed early!!!!!
Have also been working on some details for the Luxurious Angels retreat, am so excited!!! I even have a very special guest coming along, so check here or UKS tomorrow to find out who it is!
In the meantime if you want more info email me on

See you all tomorrow

Sunday, July 09, 2006


The Luxurious Angels Retreat will be held on 27th, 28th and 29th October 2006, in this country manor hotel
Still working out details, but if you want to be first in line, email me at
It is just going to be so good, so polish up your tiara and come and join us!!!!

Another busy day!!!!!!!!
Kids at horse-riding, and of course had to take lots of piccies!

This afternoon my friend Roz came over to start sorting out our scrapping weekend, we have found THE MOST GORGEOUS hotel and are going to see it again tomorrow, so we best get our tiaras polished, as it is so posh!

If you want more information on the weekend, email me!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Got my furniture delivered today for my office, which will now also be my Scrapping room, have been unpacking my stash all day (loads of it, LOL!!!!!) and you can now almost see my kitchen table. I had forgotten what colour it was.
Have not actually done any scrapping in my room yet though, but there is always tomorrow!
I also got a new camera recently so have been playing about with that and Photoshop, I have uploaded here a photo I took of my wee girl Lauren.
Still trying to get a scrapping weekend sorted, I have found the most fab hotel, so some more negociations are required!

Top 50 Scrappers

Last night a friend and I went to visit hotels, as we are planning a scrapping weekend. One hotel when we phoned offered us a meal, and what a hotel!!!!!!!
A manor house set in 78 acres of grounds, fabulous.
Now we need to decide where to have it, so if you want to be first in line, let me know!!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tsk tsk, am falling way behind with blogging!!! Must keep it up! To be fair this week I have spent most of my time Stock-taking and thank goodness it is finished!!! Tomorrow I have another order arriving so will need to get that on to the site too.
Had my friend Roz over today, and we sat and scrapped, my kitchen table is now even more messy than usual!
Right need my bed, will update more tomorrow!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Top 50 Scrappers

What a lovely weekend! And busy too. On Friday night was the AGM for the playgroup that I am chairperson at, on Sat morning the kids went horse riding. And my DS is now taking lessons with his big sister and was trotting! He loved it. On Sat afternoon the kids played outside, we live in a new housing estate and there are loads of kids for them to play with, later on we went to our neighbours for a BBQ. They had made so much food that we all had to go back on Sunday to finish it!
We also booked a holiday this weekend at the end of Sept, DH and I are going to Lanzarote for a week WITH NO KIDS!!!!!!!! My parents are going to stay at our house and watch them.
Tomorrow I am meeting my friend heather for coffee, she has just moved through near me.
Must go..............

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Top 50 Scrappers
What a busy week!!!!!!!!
My MIL was taken into hospital and looks like she will be in for a while, so my DH was away all day on Sunday seeing her, she is in Inverness hospital.
Our village had their Gala day on Saturday which was really good, our Estate did a float with a world cup theme, the only time I have ever worn a football tee-shirt LOL!!!!
Last night at Girls Brigade they had a big do to celebrate their 50th birthday, Stonehouse has the largest number of girls in Scotland, which is very impressive. It was a really good night and some of the older girls had 13 years attendance, which is really great. My DD goes and loves it, every girl in her class goes along and they get collected from school.
Today after I drop the kids off I need to go and buy new trainers for my DS as he has been using them to slow him self down on his bike!! So the toes are right the way through, typical boy, LOL!!
Right away to get ready.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Had to go to a ballot at the nursery yesterday, as too many parents wanted a morning place! Afternoon would really not have suited me as nursery finishes at 3.45 and school at 3.00, so it would have meant taking Gordon out early or hanging about with Lauren.
Anyway there were 9 places for morning and Gordon was second last! I was having kittens, but am so glad he got his place!!!!
Apart form that i have been busy ordering more stock for the site and looking after the kids and dogs.
Right away for a cuppa!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today was my friend's birthday, Happy Birthday Roz!!!!! We went out for lunch and had a wee blether.
Kids are off school tomorrow (again), so am hoping the weather is nice so they can play out all day. I have arranged to have Lauren's friend over in the afternoon, but am going to keep it a suprise, as then I won't be asked the time a million times!!!!!!!!!!
Am going to try and do some scrapping tomorrow, but still have loads of goodies to load on the site and need to place another order, so maybe not. Also must clean the house, seem to say that all the time and it never gets done!
Have uploaded a LO I did of our younger puppy Sophie, she stayed in this for ages and was fast asleep!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top 50 Scrappers

Today was my son's playgroup outing to Calderglen and it poured!!!!!!!!! We stayed there for a couple of hours and then went to Caper House, a soft play area. They must have been happy with an extra 40 kids there!
So needless to say I am behind with everything as we did not get home until just before 3, whan it was time to pick up Lauren from school!
Here is a piccy of Gordon on the trip

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another busy weekend, held another crop yesterday and it went really well. The conversation at lunchtime was interesting to say the least, and I for one learned a thing or 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Managed to do 2 LO's, one of Lauren and one of Gordon.
Today my DH went to cut the grass but as the lawnmower had died, we had to go and buy a new one!
The rest of today has been spent updating my site and catching up on UKS.
Will take a photo of the LO's I did yesterday and upload them later.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Have been chocked with the cold all week, but feeling better today.
Our papillon Amy died recently aged 15 and I have been making an album about her, did it in 8x8, which was great fun to do. I finished the album the other day and Lauren loves to look at it.
I have included a picture of one of the LO's.

Have been busy today printing off photos to use at my crop this weekend, this will be the 3rd, and they are great fun, I have promised to take along some chocolate muffins, so will need to bake them on Friday.

Right must go and feed Gordon and the dogs.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My daughter is away to Pony Club today and I must go and get her some new clothes, she seems to have shot up recently, and nothing fits her now. She is only 6, but I think she will soon be taller than me!
My son is downstairs watching Power Rangers which is his favourite just now.
We were at the fun day at school yesterday, Gordon especially liked the Firemen.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oops, must start updating this more!!!!
Well another busy week of running around after the kids, the dogs and trying to work!
Have some orders arriving soon in time for my next crop, some yummy goodies coming!
My friend Roz is away to Bonanza this weekend, so wish I was going too! But if I had, I would still come back to all the washing, ironing, etc.
Right away for nice hot bath!
Oops, must start updating this more!!!!
Well another busy week of running around after the kids, the dogs and trying to work!
Have some orders arriving soon in time for my next crop, some yummy goodies coming!
My friend Roz is away to Bonanza this weekend, so wish I was going too! But if I had, I would still come back to all the washing, ironing, etc.
Right away for nice hot bath!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another busy week!
Last night i went shopping with my friend Roz, and we had a real laugh!!
This morning my kids went for their riding lessons which they love, and this afternoon we are going to thepictures to see Ice Age 2.
Got another delivery the other day of the most gorgeous papers you have ever seen, think I will just keep them all!!!! Look here for a peek
Well must go, my Craft Robo is calling!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A very quiet day today, intended doing some scrapping, but the bomb hit house had to take priority!!!! Weather was great, so the kids were out playing all day.
Planning to go to the gym tomorrow, I so need to lose some weight! And I must tidy up my office!!!!
Night night!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Had a great day today, had my monthly scrapbook crop held in the local church, a lot of the girls from UKS were there, hi guys!!!!!!!! Can't believe I forgot to take the camera with me!!!!!!!!!! I managed to get a whole 2 LO's done, not too good.
Right am away to bed now, if it is nice in the morning we are going to take the kids and the dogs out for a walk, see you all later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Had a really busy day today, Asda delivered enough food to feed an army, which was just as well as we had no food left!
Had a sales rep out seeing me this afternoon, their stuff was so gorgeous, I wanted to buy it all!!!!
Also busy packing all the shop goodies up for the crop on Saturday, lots of my friends from UK Scrappers will be there so it will be good to see them. Must remember to take the camera with me and post on here on Sunday.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Top 50 Scrappers

Happy Easter Everyone
Yesterday we took the kids and dogs to the park to roll their eggs, it was really cold and then started to rain! After the eggs were thrown down the hill, the dogs tried to eat them. Walking home our older puppy refused to walk and had to be carried, both dogs were really tired last night.
Finished another LO yesterday, our papillon Amy died recently at 15, so I am making a little album with photos of her.
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