Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OK here goes

I promise from now on I will update my blog at least twice a week (honest!!!!)

Have been very busy recently, am in the middle of the OU photo course and wow have I learned a lot! From aperature, Depth of Field, ISO you name it!
I even bought myslef a new camera, a shiney Canon Eos 400D, I just got the basic lens but I used to have an old film canon and now I have 3 lenses as the old ones worked. Now have my heart set on a macro lens, wonder what my chance are???

And the bestest news ever............. Lauren passed her level A language at school, she has been struggling a wee bit, so I am chuffed to bits with her!

Am leaving you with some pics that I have been taking


Sara-Jane keeley said...

Omg were all going to be fighting for amacro lens! Both linda and i are after one i love marco its so amazing my friend did fruit at college with there marco lens and looks fantatsic

maybe one day we will all have one

rattytatty said...

Lovely Photos Angela. Looks like the course is definatly worth the effort .

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