Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crash, Bang, Wallop

On Saturday Gordon fell off his bike and hit his head against the pavement, he came rushing in with an egg size lump on his forehead. So we had to take him to hospital, his daddy drove while I sat in the back and prodded him to stay awake as he was very sleepy and feeling sick. At the hospital he was checked over and after a few hours we were able to go home
On Sunday our council had arranged a photography class so myself Jenni and Linda went out for lunch and along to that, it was really good, thanks girls for a really fab day xxx

Today I have spent my time making up next month's ribbon kit, entitled "Botanical Dreams" and boy it looks lush!!!

I leave you with a pic of my dogs playing

1 comment:

Sara-Jane said...

great pic hope u had nice time at the photography class

sj xx

p.s hope gordon is feeling better x

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