Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back from Holiday

We are now back from holiday, we were in Feurteventura for 2 weeks and it was fab!! We stayed in a gorgeous hotel just off the beach and the weather was amazing. The kids had a great time playing about the pool and beach and the food was great, even if Gordon did insist on a daily dose of pasta, lol!!!
here is a pic of the kids on the beach

The other day we went looking at cars, my Ford Focus was getting a little tired so time to trade it in. As my last 2 cars have been silver I did not want another that colour. So I have picked a car and will collect in a couple of days and the colour, well it is called Chill, which is errrrr sort of silver, lol!


Linda said...

Fab pic. Great news about the car but surely cleaning it would have been cheaper, lol?

Sara-Jane said...

great pic of ur son angela!!!!!!!!

reminds me of a typical boy :)

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