Tuesday, September 23, 2008


That's what I am.

We had booked for a week to Lanzarote for the school October week, Sunday travel agent calls to say company we were flying with have gone bust, and they will try to get us another flight.
Today they call and say yes thay have got one and want another £800, err I think not, so holiday is cancelled.

Have been really busy lately, so no time to blog and now my bed is calling....

I leave you with a LO I did of Lauren riding Bobo


Crafty Cuthbert said...

Ah sweetie.. mahoosive hugs... it's just not fair! Hope your wee hamster cheek is all better.. Fab L/O!!
H xx

Sara-Jane said...

sorry to hear about ur holiday angela, seems like such a nite mare at the moment, my neighbours have just come back from florida and there flight was almost 24 hours delayed because of the people stranded already, the other companies are trying to get them home

keep smiling love the layout

sj x

Linda said...

Poor you! I bet the kids are really upset too. Fab page.

Lori said...

Aw, that sucks Angela. Maybe we'll get a late summer and you can have some sunshne afterall! Cute page!

Jenni said...

Sorry you didn't get the holiday, hope you have some nice weather when the kids are off!

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