Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Top 50 Scrappers
What a busy week!!!!!!!!
My MIL was taken into hospital and looks like she will be in for a while, so my DH was away all day on Sunday seeing her, she is in Inverness hospital.
Our village had their Gala day on Saturday which was really good, our Estate did a float with a world cup theme, the only time I have ever worn a football tee-shirt LOL!!!!
Last night at Girls Brigade they had a big do to celebrate their 50th birthday, Stonehouse has the largest number of girls in Scotland, which is very impressive. It was a really good night and some of the older girls had 13 years attendance, which is really great. My DD goes and loves it, every girl in her class goes along and they get collected from school.
Today after I drop the kids off I need to go and buy new trainers for my DS as he has been using them to slow him self down on his bike!! So the toes are right the way through, typical boy, LOL!!
Right away to get ready.

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