Monday, July 10, 2006

Am so tired!!!!!!
Last night i was up to the wee small hours chatting to 2 friends on MSN, first time I have used it, and quite liked it, my DH says I am a sad muppet!!!
Anyway got to bed around 2 and was woken at 4 as my DD had a sore tummy, she came into bed with me, but wriggled so much she was sent back to her own bed, at 5.30 was woken by DS crying as he had wet the bed, so bed changed and he wnet back to sleep, so far so good! Back to bed and woken at 7.00 by DD with sore tummy again, so just got up!!!!
Tonight I am going to bed early!!!!!
Have also been working on some details for the Luxurious Angels retreat, am so excited!!! I even have a very special guest coming along, so check here or UKS tomorrow to find out who it is!
In the meantime if you want more info email me on

See you all tomorrow


Roz Roz said...

oh sweet pea, tough night, take a hot chocolate to bed tonight.

heather said...

If you are a muppet staying up late them i must be a muppet too!

Get some Rest!!!

H xx

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