Thursday, July 20, 2006

Girly night in

Blogger is letting me upload my pictures, so here are a couple of my kids, taken the other day

Last night I had 2 of my good friends Heather and Roz over, my lovely Dh made us dinner and heather brought enough treats to feed an army!
My kids were packed off to bed and we sat and watched Bridget Jone's Diary, have watched this loads, but it is still a favourite! We also sat and blethered and ate lots of chocolate!
A late night, but at least with the schools being off, i did not have to get up early.
It is raining here today, which I think is not a bad thing, but my kids are still out playing!
Right must go as have hundreds to do.


Heather said...

Kids are adorable Angela and glad you girlie night in went well, sounds perfect to me :D

Cath said...

Gorgeous kiddies!

Pauline said...

Crikey, it's like looking at a mini Angela!! Ooooh, scraey (for your daughter!)

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