Sunday, September 03, 2006

Robbie, Ribs and Barbies!!!

What a weekend I have had!

On Friday, Roz, Heather and I went to see the fantastic Robbie, OMG it was fab!!!! The stage was fantastic and he sure can entertain!
Trying to get out of the stadium was a nightmare, so it was another v late night.
On Saturday I had my crop in our local church and lots of the girls from UKS were there. Thank you guys for making me laugh so much, I totally forgot how tired I was!
Heather came out with a saying I had never heard " Ribs: Run up them" and Linda came out with a saying that Heather (cut'n'paste) used, her blog is here, so you can have a wee look
Today I have spent the day gurring my DD's room, she is 6 going on 16, so the barbies do not get played with any more, and she had about 30. So they are in a box to be sold on Ebay and any money she gets she can buy a Bratz doll.

Also yesterday my order of Angel Kisses arrived so I will need to get them loaded on the site so you can all drool over them
Will leave you with a piccy of them, yummy!!!!!


Heather said...

Well I heard all about Robbie at the crop, lucky devils!

Although he has to move over as Will is a comin.....LOL!

Had a great laugh at the crop, cheered me up no end. Thanks Angela and I do like the look of the BIG AK's. Hmmm more spending on the horizon I feel.... xx

Heather said...

Only me Ma'dear, tagging you, questions are on my blog :D

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