Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

OK I need more hours in the day!!!!!!

I seem to have less and less time available for scrapping.
My kids were at my parents this weekend so DH and I spent time re-doing my site, have a look and tell me what you think.
We also went out for a meal to Nams in East Kilbride, very yummy!
On Sunday morning I went to see Roz and sort out some paperwork for Luxurious Angels, guys you should see what we have for you!!!
One of my spare rooms looks like a stash shop, as it is covered in prizes and goody bags, I swear they are breeding! And there is more to come!!!!!!!!!

If you want to be a Luxurious Angel, it is not too late, visit my site at www.angelcrafts.biz for more info.
Right better get going and get these kids to school and nursery, catch up later


Heather said...

The site is looking fab Angela, well done you guys. I like it, wish it liked me though lol! So wish I was going to the retreat, what a bummer that it fell on the same dates as the other retreat, first one I have ever booked! Darn it:(

Pam said...

I am getting more and more excited about the retreat- can't wait.

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