Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy busy

Another busy weekend, had 4 dogs and 3 kids. My parents are away for the weekend so had their dog and Roz was away with Gerry so had Ben and their dog. They were all very good and Gordon loved having Ben to play with.
Yesterday Lauren announced that she needed white tights to wear to her nativity tomorrow!!! So I had to go into Hamilton this morning to get some, luckily Next had them.
I have nearly finished the album for my MIL xmas, want to take a piccy of the kids in front of the tree and that will be it done. Then I will get some pics of the kids scrapped.

Right away to pack the loads of orders in this weekend and do more stash shopping, oops did I say that??? hee hee


Heather said...

Why do kids always do that??? Had the same kind of incident this week too lol! Glad your MIL album is near done yeah! Enjoy your shopping OOPS! I mean packing ;)
See you soon xx

Linda said...

Glad your album is nearly done, bet you are too, lol. Please - whatever you buy - don't tell me!!!!

Pam said...

I tried to comment last night on the decorated house, but couldn't for some reason. Anyway, I love decorated houses at christmas, brings back childhood memories of christmas eve going to see all the decorated houses in our town- the tackier the better imo

Roz Roz said...

Thanks for watching Ben and Trevor (aka fat boy) they had a great time. BTW house and trees look lovely.

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