Monday, February 05, 2007

Bad Car Day

Today my hubby was stranded in the house as he could not get the handbrake released from his Land Rover, someone came out to look at it, could not sort it either, so took it off manually and hubby then had to drive it to the garage and get a curtesy car.

So far so good.......................

Then coming back from swimming, we were sat stationary and Whack, someone thumped into the back of us. Took me a second to think, oh we have been hit.
Then the kids got hysterical and have to say so did I.

My car does not look too bad, think the bumper took most of the impact, but am sure it will be a lot worse.
We were all really sore, so took a trip to A&E to be on the safe side. And yes we were there for hours.

Will need to keep the kids off tomorrow as they have missed about 3 hours sleep.

Doctor says I have to expect to be pretty sore tomorrow and for the next few days, can feel my back getting bad already.

Away fro hot bath, some paracetemol and bed



Peechy said...

oh no!! so sorry to hear this hun. gentle hugz fir you and the kiddies, hope they were''nt to hurt and the shock has subsided now xxx

Heather the Blether said...

Huge hugs for you and the kids... glad you are all safe.... if you need anything just holler..
take care

Linda said...

How awful, glad to hear you are all fine, what a day! Take care and hope the aftershock isn't too bad. x x x x

Terrie said...

OMG, sorry to hear that, hope everyone is alright, had similar thing when i was pregnant last and someone pulled out of a junction on me! Even when everyone is physically ok and there isn't much damage it really shakes you up doesn't it. Take care XXXX

Heather said...

So sorry to hear about this, what a fright for you all but very glad no one was seriously hurt ((hugs))

Pauline said...

Hope you're all ok and not too sore. Big (but gentle!) hugs.

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