Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stash, stash and more stash

Am sitting surrounded in stash, yummy!!!!
Need to get it all priced and then later today I will get another kit built for the retreat, as time is marching on.
Web site still not live, I will get there one day honest!!

Kits being sent to the DT next week, hope they like them!!!!!!!

Away to stitches on Monday morning, 2 days with no kids.............bliss!!!


Hysteri-CAL said...

Can't wait to see what arrives !!

Have a fab time at Stitches and make sure you spend, spend, spend !!

Sarah said...

ooooooh can't wait to see what the postie brings *rubbing hands together*
Have a good time at the show and do what Cal says...SPEND,SPEND,SPEND :o)

Linda said...

Have a great time at Stitches buying lots of lovely things. Looking forward to seeing the new site and all the new stash. Take care x x x

Kelly said...

ooooh so what did you get at stitches then, tell all lol lol

Heather the Blether said...

Just wanted to wish both you and Roz a fabby weekend... hope it all goes well

Hope you and the gang are all well and cannot wait to see the new site..

Take care

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