Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not good news

Had a call from the vet today with the results of Sophie's second blood test, and her liver function test was 500 times higher than normal.
The vet had been onto the vet school and they wonder if the blood vessels to her liver have not formed properly and that could account for the fact that 1. she is so tiny and 2. that she has always had a dodgy tummy.

The vet has referred us to the Glasgow vet school and we have an appointment on Monday, they will give her a liver scan and we will take it from there.

Please send hugs her way


Linda said...

I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for Sophie. I really hope it's good news on Monday. Will be thinking about you all.

Heather the Blether said...

Give sweet little Sophie a gentle hug from me... will be thinking of you all and hope all goes well on Monday..

Sara-Jane said...

hope ur doggy's ok! my fingers are crossed for you

sj x

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