Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Sophie

Hamish and I took Sophie to the Glasgow vet school on Monday, and they confirmed that with the results of the blood test, there is something wrong with her liver.
We have a number of options
1. Leave well alone- she is not unwell and the fact that she is now fully grown and has had no problems, is a very good sign. However we won't be able to get her done and if she has problems later on, it may be too late.
2, Get a liver scan, she will need a GA, and because she is so tiny, it may not show anything
3. After the scan get a liver bi-opsy and they will inject die to the blood vessels and watch what happens

It just seems such a lot to put her through, in the meantime she is on a special diet, has anti-biotics and a mild laxative so toxins are not staying in her body too long
The vet thinks she may have a liver shunt and with this diet we should see a difference in 3 weeks. The food is very bland and we may have a problem with her eating it - errrr no she has scoffed it!!

What else have I been doing? Packing orders, looking after the kids, and wooo hoo I have a cleaner starting next week!!!
Have you seen the Rouge De Garance papers we have in stock, very yummy.
We also had a load of Australian mags arrive yesterday, and they are flying out the door already.

Bye for now


Linda said...

Hope the diet does the trick and all goes well. I am managing to resist looking at the site, but it ain't easy!

Pauline said...

Really hope Sophie picks up over the next few weeks.

EmmaAnderson said...

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Heather said...

Blogger is letting me play this morning just wanted to ask how Sophie is doing? Loving my RDG ;)

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