Thursday, September 06, 2007

Being busy

Yip that's been me! what with packing orders, ordering more stash lol, got an email from my favourite company last night saying that their new products were available to order!!! At last, I have been waiting for ages and my stocks are running seriously low, so watch this space for new Hambly!!!!

Sophie is still loving her new food and eating like a wee pig, however we have noticed no change in her, she is still her mad little self. She escaped (again) the other day and walked straight into our neighbours house!!

Camera club is back on again tonight so am going to that.

Must go and feed kiddies


Heather said...

Looking forward to more Hambly hmmmm

Glad Sophie is still eating well..result! I was back at y camera club this week too, it was good to be back :D
Take care x

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Sophie is so gorgeous, pleased to hear she;s eating well! I had a little Tiebetan spaniel, they are quite similar to the Papilion's...
Love my Hambly and other bits ...

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