Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Purple Rain

Been having a wee play with my blog, like it? Managed to add some music to it too! Just need someone to make me a header as I don't have a scooby how to do that!!

Had a really busy weekend, packed loads of orders and they are all on their way now -hope you enjoy!
Took the kids to get new boots and winter coats, and some toys of course, lol!

So anyway want to see October's Ribbon kit?????

Here it is.............

It is called Purple Rain! anyway must go and put it on the site


Anonymous said...

Cor, that's flippin pretty! xx

Christina / LaChris said...

Oh I just loooove purple :O) AND ribbons too ! Am so looking forward to recieve my order.
Nice with the music on your blog...I have music on mine too. If you want to make something else to your blog, then visit mine and click on the "B-logo" in the upper left you can get tonse of nice stuff to your blog. Have a nice day.

weewiccababe said...

purple is my favourite colour and of course the Purple Rain album is a classic, think i just may have to have a wee splurge

have a wee thingie for you on my blog

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