Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Not long to go until the retreat, and we are getting there!!
Tomorrow I need to call my suppliers with a couple of last minute orders and then price them, have a few on the way so hope DH is not around when the couriers arrive! hee hee
I actually bought something for myself today, a shiney new Artbin Tote, I normally carry my cropping goodies in a plastic box, well no more.

We tried tonight to get Gordon to go to sleep without a dummy, he will be 5 in March so it is about time he was giving it up, but come 10.30 he was still awake and crying and DH gave in, so he is now sound asleep with a dummy in his mouth (Gordon that is, not DH)

As my parents are away on holiday just now, I have their dog, so now have 3 papillons in the house, and last night we kept my friend's dog a King Charle's Spaniel, normally my dog Sophie barks constantly at him, but after 5 mins she stopped, thank goodness!!!!! So I had a house full of dogs LOL

Anyway am away to sort out some more paperwork and get to bed


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