Sunday, October 22, 2006


Have spent the past few days in Skye visiting my in laws, the night before Roz and I were finalising everything for the retreat at Lockerbie, ouch my Credit Card is sore! and we got home really late. Then my DH reminded me it was his dad's 80th the next day so could I make a card in the morning, yeh no plroblem!!!!
Anyway we set off and my 2 dogs were sick, sick and more sick, at one time they were sick at the same time.
We eventually arrived about dinner time on the Thursday, fed the kids and they went to bed.
Friday was a lovely day and Lauren and I went for a 2 hour treck, Lauren is 6 and goes to riding lessons but has not been out without being lead. She was on a lovely little horse called Megan, I was in a big brute called Fergus (aka Piggy)
We set out with Lauren being lead, but my horse piggy kept stopping to eat every 2 seconds and was so strong I was struggling to control him, so I ended up being lead and Lauren was on her own!
I am so so proud of her, she handled her horse like a little star and trotted on her own. She was so pleased!!
After we had lunch together and then DH came and picked us up.
Now I am still sooooooo sore!!!!!!!!!!
When we travelled home yesterday only one of my dogs were sick, so that was good.

Anyway am going now, few orders to process and stuff to sort for the retreat



Linda said...

I am in awe of both of you - horses terify me!!!! Hope you manage a restful (ish) week before the weekends excitement.

Anonymous said...

ha ha your walking like John Wayne, mwahahahha

Heather said...

Love horses, love riding and am sooo jealous of yir sore behind LOL!
Sounds great and your little one did so well yeah!

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