Friday, January 12, 2007


How bad am I, just realised I have not updated my blog all week!!!

Busy week have been at the gym a few times, packed loads of orders, the sale stock is going really fast on the site. Been over at Roz's sending emails out for Luxurious Angels , have a peek at what we have arranged for classes.

Kids are back at school this week, Lauren is 7 week after next so I have been busy buying pressies for her. She is not getting much as already got pony club membership, but we got her an i-pup (thanks Maggie) and a guitar.

Tomorrow I have Linda, Jenni and Elin coming over for a Craft Robo day. Wonder if we will actually learn anything or be too busy talking, hee hee.


Roz Roz said...

knowing you lot the way I do, you won't get anything done, ha ha

Linda said...

We got some stuff done - oh and quite a lot of talking too. Angela, thanks again for having us and thank Hamish for the fab soup x

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