Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wishes and Dreams for 2007

Last year was great, busy yes, but great.
Angel Crafts has grown considerably, I started the business in Oct 2005, with a tiny amount of stock, now there is well, quite a lot!!! Don't forget to check out our HUGE sale!!!!
The crops are also going well and are good fun.
Last year, Roz and I also opened a joint business in the name of Luxurious Angels, we had our first retreat last October and it was fab. We hope that loads of you will join us in March

My little boy also started nursery last year and loves it, cannot believe he will start school in August and Lauren will go into Primary 4

I made loads of new friends last year including all the girls at the crop and the retreat and of course best of all – Roz.
I also got to meet the amazing Kirsty and Anna.
Sadly one friendship did not survive.

We had some sadness at the beginning of last year when Amy our little papillon who had been with us for 15 years had to be put to sleep. Hamish had bought her for my 21st, and she was our baby. Shortly before we had got a new puppy Emma, and after we got another Sophie, again they are both papillons, and we love them loads.

My wishes and dreams for this year, well for Angel Crafts to continue to grow. There is a new site being built just now, which will have a lot more features. Then I shall be looking for a Design team.
Luxurious Angels next retreat is in March, and if it half as good as the last, I will be happy.

Personally I need to lose some weight, xmas has not helped, hee hee!! About a stone and I will be happy, so Monday will see me at the gym………….
I would also like to do more scrapping for me, ie of the kids, etc. Both my kids are into scrapping now, so no doubt we shall be scrapping together.

Most importantly I wish my children and husband much love and happiness. Hamish and I will have been married for 17 years come this August, we were both very young when we got married, I was only 20, he was 21.

I will leave you with a LO I finished today, I have framed it to go in my DD’s room, tomorrow I will do one for Gordon.
It shows all our little papillons together.


Heather the Blether said...

I want to wish you and your lovely family huge happiness and success in the New Year.

Linda said...

Wishing loads of completed lo's, millions of happy customers and continued love and happiness with your family x

Roz Roz said...

Stunning layout, you had me all confused on the phone about this one. Heres to a good year.

Heather said...

A lovely entry Angela. I hope all your hopes and dreams are realised. Lovely LO, cute little doggies. I Look forward to scrapping with you all year long :D

Pauline said...

Happy New Year (belatedly!) - I hope that Angel Crafts and Luxurious Angels continue to fly high (having found a crop and shop pretty nearby I don't want it to disappear!!)

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