Sunday, January 07, 2007

A quiet day

This morning Lauren was up bright and early and starving! So her breakfast made dogs out and then Gordon got up and wanted to come into bed for a cuddle. He is still at the really cuddly stage and smells lovely when he just wakes! Emma of course would snuggle in bed all day if I was there so she came in for a cuddle too, and ended up snuggling in between me and Gordon, we were like that for ages, that dog is such a wee sap!!!

Then I got some orders packed, did the ironing (bad word), and then we played with the Hama beads, my brother bought these for Lauren and hey they are really good. I helped Gordon make a duck and Lauren made an L, no doubt we shall make some to incorporate into our scrapping, wonder if they are Acid free? Answers on a postcard please, hee hee

Apart from that have had a quiet day, kids in bed early as back at school tomorrow, and I will be back at the gym to shed some of the pounds the mince pies have piled on!!

Also watched Desperate Housewifes, OMG how good is that??


Linda said...

I use to love those wee beads - until they all got spilled! A great golden time activity that even the boys liked. Did you enjoy the gym?

Roz Roz said...

oh hamma beads, I love them, can I come and play as well please.

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