Thursday, November 16, 2006

6 weeks to go

So my wee boy aged 4 keeps telling me! He is getting soooooo excited about Santa coming, and last night we sat and emailed letters to Santa, and it came back with an instant reply, amazing!!! Apart from his bike he also wants some more Power Ranger toys and some animals, what kind I really do not know.
The wee soul came into our room at 3 this morning to tell us his nose was bleeding, and so it was everywhere, prehaps it was due to the fact that the other night he called me form his bed to say he had a bead stuck up his nose, I could feel yet another hospital visit coming on, but we managed to get him to blow it out.
I actually have been at the gym twice this week, and was feeling a bit sore the other day with all the press-ups I did, my hubby was maoning about the cost of my membership and the fact that I had not been in a while, have just been too busy.
The kids also started back at their wsimming lessons today and did so well, and afterward I took them for a Mcdonalds, have to say they are more interested in the toys!!!
OK am heading off for an early night


Roz Roz said...

oh I fancy so wsimming lessons myself, where do you get them from mwahahahahhaha

Linda said...

I can't believe it's only 6 weeks - where did the past year go??????

Heather said...

Poor wee thing having a nose bleed in the night. Love the photo of Lauren on horseback, no wonder your proud of her she looks every inch a rider. I take my hat off to you going to the gym, most impressive!

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