Thursday, November 02, 2006

My children

Thought I would dedicate this blog to 2 little people who are the most important things in my life!
Lauren is 6 and is in primary 3, Gordon is 4 and will start school next year.
They get on so well with each other and play together all the time, and very rarely fight!!!!!.
I took them round some houses at Halloween and they had a ball, 3 of their friends came along too. I have attached a piccy of them

On Sunday I am having a well earned rest and going to a crop, that I have not organised. It is in Craft Heaven in paisley and for those of you who don't know, Paisley is my home town and where my parents still live. My parents are still on holiday in China, but will be back soon, my mum is such a good friend and I have lots to tell her on her return.

Must go neighbours is on


Anonymous said...

Yerrrrrrrrrrr, Can't wait for crop on Sunday, all that gossip and news to share with everyone, will be brilliant fun and no unpacking or packing up to do, fantastic. mwahahahahahhaa

Heather said...

Gorg kids Angela, glad they had fun, Nicholas did this year as he has discovered Sweeties ARG!

See ya Sunday :D Cant wait!

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